long life products.

Hega 100%, since more than 30 years

HEGA is a consolidated company

Diversification in our products has been an essential point in our growth

0% of plastic waste in our production system.


Impact reduction is something that also defines us. It wouldn´t help making our products that make people´s life easier if we don´t care life in everything around us.

For all of this, we are committed for renewable energy, such as solar panels that increase energy savings in of our factory. As a clean manufacturing system, prioritizing the ZERO result of waste.


The key of our successful is the passion of Hega´s human team, which is made up of more of 140 professionals in continuous training. Our objective is offering our clients the best of ourselves. During these 30 years, we have seen done the objective of social integration, equality and reconciliation between work and family life.

We are proud of having long duration corporate culture that attracts and maintain talented, implicated and entrepreneurs’ workers, and offers them opportunities of development. Through our history, Hega´s philosophy have always been the same.:

“Progress through diversity”.


35.000 m2 so everything works correctly.

At Hega, we have installations that offers everything needed for that purpose, with a production zone ready to give a solution to all commercials demands.

A lab that works at the quality maintenance of all the procedures.

Store with enough capacity to face the orders with all the guarantees. And a office zone with integrated administrative part in the factory, to make easier all the procedures.


Committed to the environment and following the strategic plan of sustainability and growth, we started the implantation of solar panels at available surface, finishing the plant at early 2022. All this permit us to get an economic and natural resources savings, around of 20% of our needs.

By all of this, at the first eight months of the year, we have obtained 572 Mwh of solar energy, that is the same to almost 229 Tn of coal, 272 Tn of carbon dioxide or the felling of 372 trees.


In our DNA we get impress the necessity of being in constant movement. For what? To investigate. To innovate. To improve our activity in all the ways. We know that just for that we will be able to be the best option to our clients and keeping offering our products catalogue live up to what is expected of us.


Special program created to help, advise, and accompany those professionals who bet on our brand.

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